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Applied mechanics


To achieve high reliability and a correct operation of the mechanical systems, it is necessary for the design and structure to be strong and reliable.  Our investigation and the methodologies developed aim at those objectives by searching, in addition, these designs to be energetically efficient and to be manufactured with the materials that best fit the environment and to its functionality for different applications that we work on.


Technologies we employ

  • Design of innovative concepts
  • Design methods with special focus on manufacturing, assembly, installation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Design and optimization of mechanisms in energy efficiency and reliability
  • Design and modeling in composite materials
  •  Design, optimization and validation through component calculation
  • Experimental characterization of mechanical properties (failure, fatigue, fracture)
  • Development of design and sizing methods for adhesive joints
  • Validation of models and structures through experimental results in prototypes or in the field, applying advanced monitoring systems (acoustic emissions, DIC, fiber optics)
  • Development of methodologies to predict life to fatigue and probability of failure
  • Simulation of manufacturing processes to optimize processes and improve fatigue behavior predictions
  • Development and experimental validation of natural gas, hydrogen and biofuel combustion systems



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Iker Urresti

Applied mechanics - Head of department

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