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{"rows":[{"title":"GKN DRIVELINE","intro":"

We have developed power electronics for wireless excitation of high-speed synchronous motors, thus avoiding the use of rare earths and using contactless power transmission.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-gkn\""},{"title":"CONATEC","intro":"

A risk analysis of the CONATEC product has been carried out, designing and implementing the hardware trust mechanisms and guaranteeing the secure start-up of the devices. In turn, the procedure and mechanisms for managing digital certificates have been designed, and cybersecurity tests have been carried out in the laboratory.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-conatec\""},{"title":"FAGOR ELECTR\u00d3NICA","intro":"

Development of a 4G gateway to connect industrial buses to the cloud, facilitating remote monitoring, updating and control, applying advanced cybersecurity techniques.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-fagor-electronica\""},{"title":"JAKINCODE","intro":"

Development of advanced models for detecting anomalies based on AI techniques, which make it possible to identify attacks that until now went unnoticed.<\/p>","enlace":"\/en\/contact","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-jakincode\""},{"title":"LANTEK","intro":"

Development of a cloud platform that provides a data-lake capable of storing the necessary data. On this basis, Artificial Intelligence models are developed, which are then productivised on the cloud platform to improve the services offered to its customers.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-lantek\""},{"title":"MERYTRONIC","intro":"

Integration of the operating system in a remote terminal unit for the control and monitoring of the low-voltage electricity network. The aim is for the product to provide the level of cybersecurity required to operate in this type of critical infrastructure.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-merytronics\""},{"title":"TELEF\u00d3NICA TECH","intro":"

Development of a cloud platform for monitoring and alarm management through IoT nodes incorporated in different asset parks. <\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-telefonica\""},{"title":"FAGOR EDERLAN","intro":"

We have collaborated with Edertek, Fagor Ederlan's R&D business unit, in the development of a platform that enables the industrialization of different artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, automatic training and the optimal implementation of the models, maximizing their value contribution to the business.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-fagorederlan\""},{"title":"BATZ","intro":"

We have developed the system of non-contact sensors that inform at all times of the position of the pedal so that the vehicle control systems can provide an appropriate respons<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-batz\""},{"title":"IDNEO TECHNOLOGIES","intro":"

The new platform is powered by images captured by cameras distributed throughout the car, as well as data from different sensors.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-idneo\""},{"title":"INGETEAM","intro":"

The Cloud monitoring platform integrates the latest open-source technology to make it resilient, secure and scalable. The platform allows remote monitoring of up to thousands of devices, with capabilities to efficiently ingest large volumes of data, apply analytics and ML in real time, and provide interfaces to operate remotely on the devices and to be able to consult their data history in an agile way.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Caso"},{"title":"BEXEN CARDIO","intro":"

In collaboration with Bexen Cardio, an existing defibrillator model (REANIBEX 100) has been redesigned to increase its safety level, and the company's processes have been adapted to address the development of a new defibrillator with all cybersecurity considerations.<\/p>","enlace":"","imagen":"\"Ikerlan-casos-exito-cards-bexen\""}],"pager":{"current_page":0,"total_items":"38","total_pages":4,"items_per_page":12}}

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