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Cookies policy

We use cookies on this Website to enhance your user experience. This policy may be updated, so we invite you to review it on a regular basis.


IKERLAN has enabled Google Analytics remarketing, on this website, where our Google AdWords advertising platform allows us to identify you through your IP in order to show you remarketingads, known as Display advertising.

Privacy protection is one of our priorities, so we provide complete transparency about the information we collect and how we are going to use that information. We do not collect, sell or share any personally identifiable information from users coming from ad serving cookies without your consent.

If you wish not to see ads based on your interests in the web browsers you use ( remarketing ads), you can click on the "Disable" button in the Ad Preferences Manager at any time. When accessing the Internet through a web browser, Google also offers you a series of options to permanently save the disabling settings in your browser. Once you disable the option, Google will no longer collect information about interest categories and you will stop receiving ads based on your interests through Google when accessing the Internet through a web browser.

Ads Settings that you currently have. You may also disable the use of cookies from third-party providers on the Network Advertising Initiative disable page (in English).

If you wish to have more information in this regard, we invite you to know the Google Analytics disablement plugin for browsers.

What can I do to prevent cookies from installing?

You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the options of your internet browser. If you block cookies, it is possible that certain services or functions do not work properly. Below, we offer you links to find information on how you can activate your preferences in the main browsers:

Cookies Firefox
Cookies Chrome
Cookies Iexplorer
Cookies Safari
Cookies Opera
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