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Energy Storage and Management


Energy storage and management are key to achieve an increase in efficiency and a performance improvement in transport systems, electric power  generation and industrial processes. We work in the integral design of cutting-edge storage systems such as Lithium-Ion batteries or supercapacitors (commercial cells selection, BMS, electromechanical integration, cooling, etc.), including the integration and management of electric and thermal power in vehicles, electrical grids or renewable energies, and industrial processes.

Energy Storage and Management

Technologies we employ

  • Electrical storage systems methodologies and rating tools
  • Advanced management techniques for EMS (Energy Management Systems)
  • Transport / mobility applications, renewable energies, support to electrical grid and energy generation hybrid systems (on-grid and off-grid)
  • Methodologies and evaluation tools of solutions for the improvement of the electrical efficiency in the industrial processes
  • Recovery and reuse of heat solutions in the industry
  • Efficient solutions for heat transfer (exchangers, heating and cooling systems)
  • Development of electrical energy storage systems (batteries and supercapacitors).
  • Lithium-ion modules and battery packs, NiMH, PbA, ultracapacitors
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS): functionalities and characteristics adapted to the applications' current and future needs
  • SOC (State Of Charge), SOH (State Of Health) and balancing algorithms
  • Selection of storage technologies and rating in accordance with the applications
  • Degradation and life prediction (calendar life and cycle life)
  • Integration of commercial storage systems
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