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Industrial cybersecurity


In the industrial environment, systems are becoming increasingly connected, with the aim of monitoring and managing them remotely. This also implies that there is a risk of experiencing attacks or intrusions in the chain of connectivity.

For this reason, cybersecurity is now a strategic component in the competitiveness of industry and a key factor in the growth of Industrial 4.0 technologies. It allows a differentiating element to be incorporated into industrial products in areas such as advanced manufacturing, transport and energy. 

In the area of industrial cybersecurity we are researching new technologies to increase the protection of embedded electronic systems that are connected to digital platforms. We strive to provide cybersecurity solutions covering the entire value chain: from the sensor, the electronics, the embedded software, the connectivity solution, the processing and data ingestion platform, to the analytics and its advanced display. 

We also include the most innovative technologies, using certified methodologies and addressing compliance with product cybersecurity standards. Our cybersecurity assessment laboratory forms part of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre and the Basque Digital Innovation Cybersecurity Hub.

Industrial cybersecurity IKERLAN

Technologies we employ

  • Cybersecurity schematics for lightweight IoT protocols
  • Cybersecurity on Digital Platforms (front-end and back-end)
  • Methodologies for developing cybersecure user interfaces
  • Management and creation of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for connected embedded systems
  • Advanced Securitisation of Internet HMIs for managing identifications and access
  • Distributed registration technologies (e.g. Blockchain) for the industrial sector
  • Implementation of trustworthy technologies for industrial environments
  • Gateways and payment systems for IoT environments.
  • Cybersecurity development life cycle compatible with IEC-62443-4-1
  • Integration of secure hardware elements (TPMs, crypto-authentication chips, etc.)
  • Development and integration of cryptographic libraries
  • Establishment of countermeasures against side channel and fault injection attacks
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Originality of components and spare parts protection
  • Assessment of industrial component cybersecurity
  • Software upgrade strategy for critical systems


David González

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David González

Industrial cybersecurity - Head of Department

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