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HW and communication systems


The current industry is facing the challenge of a digitalized society that demands electronic products with more increasing features. These smart electronic systems allow the creation of new industrial products tailored to the new needs of the market by incorporating characteristics such as: integration capacity and operation in hostile environments, high-performance built-in processing and adapted to the requirements of the applications, power management and connectivity solutions or industrial communication links. 

In this area we develop advanced electronic systems capable of operating in industrial environments and in compliance with the regulations of the sector (railway, automotive, aeronautics, etc.).We have the abilities and the methodologies consolidated for the design and development of high-performance hardware systems in compliance with the non-functional technical requirements (EMC, electrical safety, environmental); sensor systems with energy autonomy and reliable wireless and wired communication systems fitted to the requirements of industrial applications.

HW and Communication Systems

Technologies we employ

  • Industrial communications with mobility requirements (vehicle communications ITS-G5 and LTE), real-time control and sensorisation
  • Measurement and analysis of RF propagation in industrial environments
  • Design, simulation, implementation and verification of complete wireless and / or wired connectivity solutions for embedded industrial systems
  • PCB integrated antennas for industrial applications
  • Digital modems on FPGA devices and complete prototyping on Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms
  • Temporary synchronization in wired and wireless media (distributed control and sensorisation systems)
  • Drivers and communication protocols according to different requirements (low latency, real time, low consumption, robustness) and operating systems (Linux, FreeRTOS)
  • High performance hardware design and development
  • Sensorisation systems for hostile environments
  • PCB design and electronic card assembly
  • System software (drivers, low level SW, operating systems)
  • FPGA and programmable logic
  • Low consumption
  • Regulatory compliance and non-functional tests (EMC, temperature, electrical safety)


Iosu Gabilondo

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Iosu Gabilondo

HW and communication systems - Head of Department

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