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Control and Monitoring


The increasing demand of competitiveness demanded from products and processes requires the application of advanced technologies to monitor and control the operation of a system or process, with the purpose of improving its availability, safety, reliability, quality and operating features. In this area, we investigate to develop solutions that allow the control of the activity of a product or process in a comprehensive and efficient manner in multiple platforms. With the monitoring technologies, we are aware of the state and evolution of components, systems and processes, being able to foresee and avoid failures that could cause high repairing costs and disruptions in the business activity. Through the implementation of applicable algorithms, it is even possible to adjust the parameters that have anomalies, with the purpose of ensuring their correct operation.

Control and Monitoring

Technologies we employ

  • Dynamic modelling of complex systems and advanced control techniques
  • Comprehensive control at machine, line and process level in accordance with the Industry 4.0 paradigm
  • Modelling and comprehensive control of components, wind turbine and wind farms 
  • Tools and methodologies based on open source solutions and standard HW that minimize the cost in licenses
  • Methodologies for standardised programming of control and connectivity on commercial platforms
  • Advanced control of cyberphysical complex systems since the design up to its validation in the operating scene
  • Condition based monitoring of mechatronic systems (CBM)
  • Multiphysics and multidomain monitoring systems using commercial elements
  • Physical modelling of mechatronic systems, digital twin
  • Data Analytic aimed at the detection, localisation of defects and estimate of the remaining shelf life.
  • Detection and satisfactory estimate of the remaining shelf life of the component.
  • Test, validation and verification of the vibroacoustic element of machinery and component.


Aron Pujana

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Aron Pujana

Control and monitoring - Head of Department

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