• Showcasing the results of the European CREMA and C2NET projects, in which the centre is participating

On 24 November, in Orona IDEO (Galarreta Industrial Estate, Hernani) IKERLAN will be co-hosting the workshop titled ‘1st CREMA/C2NET Industrial Workshop’, with the aim of demonstrating to the attending companies the opportunities arising from industrial digitisation process, more specifically, those solutions currently being developed in the European CREMA and C2NET projects, in which the centre is participating.

In order to adapt to the manufacturing industry's future needs, companies will need to react flexibly to changing demands and be capable of swiftly and effectively managing production capacity, requiring smooth collaboration between the partners in the supply chain. The conference will be showcasing innovative solutions to enable industrial companies to incorporate swifter, more efficient decision-making processes to optimise the use of manufacturing assets.

In this sense, the two projects deal with complementary themes: C2NET is aimed at developing cloud-hosted software tools to help companies, principally SMEs, to work together to optimise their material flow, while CREMA focuses on the operation of critical industrial machinery components in order to prevent breakdowns.
Participating in the workshop will be renowned speakers from the European Commission and industrial companies, offering their vision on the introduction of digitisation into European companies as a key strategy for attaining and consolidating industrial leadership.

Representatives of companies wishing attend will need to register on the event's website.

To be held in Orona IDEO (Hernani) on 24 November
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