• The digital identity of any connected device needs to be regularly updated to prevent breaches.
  • It is estimated that by 2025 there will be more than 75 billion connected devices and each of them is potentially an entry point for a cyber-attack.

Just as people have an identification document that allows them to prove that they are who they say they are, connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices have a digital identity that, like ID cards, must be updated throughout their lifecycle to ensure their correct functioning and avoid potential cyber-attacks.  Thus, any connected device, whether it is an elevator, an oven, an industrial press or the battery of an electric vehicle, must have an identity and renew it periodically.

It is in this context that Lamassu IoT was born, the open-source platform developed by the consulting firm LKS Next, in collaboration with the Basque technology centre IKERLAN. This platform makes it possible to manage the life cycle of digital identities remotely and cybersecurely, to respond to the challenges posed by Industry 4.0, a sector that is growing at a dizzying rate. Today, it is estimated that there are around 26 billion IoT devices and it is predicted that by 2025 the number of connected devices will exceed 75 billion. In addition, more than a quarter of all attacks on businesses are expected to be conducted through these devices.

Lamassu IoT is aimed at companies and organisations that want to have full control over their IoT deployments, so that, by managing the certificates of their devices remotely, they can facilitate their identification, authorise operations and ensure encrypted communication. In short, guaranteeing the system's cybersecurity. All of this, moreover, throughout the entire lifecycle of the device: from design, manufacture, operation and even decommissioning or disconnection.

Economical and scalable solution

This is a solution that, compared to others on the market, has been developed exclusively for the management of the digital identity of devices and can be implemented by SMEs and companies that lack a large infrastructure. It is a robust, economical and scalable solution that has already been tested in several Basque companies, in sectors as diverse as access control, hospitality and industry.

Haritz Saiz Sierra, researcher in the Industrial Cybersecurity area at IKERLAN and head of the Lamassu IoT project at the technology centre, explains that "at IKERLAN we have put all the knowledge obtained from our research projects in market-oriented security, cryptography and privacy technologies at the service of LKS Next".

From LKS Next, Juan José Rodríguez, head of Product and Digital Business adds that "Lamassu IoT was born from the experience in the execution of IoT projects, improving the inclusion of good practices in the management of the identity of IoT devices in the early stages of the projects".

The Lamassu IoT project has been funded with support from the Basque Government's HAZITEK business R&D support programme.


IKERLAN is a leading centre in technology transfer and in the contribution of competitive value to industry. It offers integral solutions combining different technological domains in two large areas: on the one hand, Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies (EICT) and, on the other, Energy and Mechatronics. The technology centre currently has a team of 420 people and has sites in Arrasate-Mondragón, Donostialdea and Bilbao. As a cooperative member of the MONDRAGON Corporation and the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), IKERLAN represents a sustainable, competitive business model in permanent transformation. In 2024 IKERLAN will be 50 years old and remains faithful to its founding objective: to develop technology to improve the innovation and competitiveness of the companies in its environment.

About LKS Next

The LKS Next Group is one of the main references in the sector of advanced services with a technological driver. With more than 33 years of history, more than 700 professionals and integrated in the MONDRAGON Corporation, it offers comprehensive technological consultancy services, develops and implements innovative solutions. It is dedicated to the digital transformation of organisations, specialising in industry. They are partners of the main technology leaders, such as Microsoft, AWS, SAP, IBM, DELL, Huawei, among others. It supports organisations from the deep knowledge of their activity and experience to the application of the most innovative technological solutions.

Lamassu IoT is the name of the open-source platform developed to specifically respond to the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 in terms of identity management and security of IoT devices, and which offers full control to companies.
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