IKERLAN is today a leading centre in technology transfer and in providing competitive value to industry, with a team of more than 400 people and offices in Arrasate-Mondragón, Donostialdea and Bilbao. However, 50 years ago it was an idea and a necessity that required the involvement of many people and organisations to make it happen.

Laboral Kutxa was one of those agents that played a decisive role at that time in the founding of MONDRAGON's technological arm. For this reason, IKERLAN held a simple ceremony today at its headquarters in Arrasate to pay tribute to and thank the financial institution.

From now on, a plaque on the façade of the headquarters in Arrasate will commemorate this support which, beyond the foundation of the centre, has lasted throughout its history. The plaque bears a quote from José Mari Ormaetxea, director of Laboral Kutxa at the time and one of the main driving forces behind the technology centre: “Utopia is a plan, a project, perhaps an unrealistic but not impossible one. Time and perseverance have shown us that utopia can become reality”.

The tribute was attended by the Chairman and Director of Laboral Kutxa Adolfo Plaza and Xabier Egibar, the first Chairman of IKERLAN, Javier Retegui, J. M. Muruamendiaraz, who at that time was a member of the Laboral Kutxa Business Division and responsible for the construction of the IKERLAN building, and the General Manager of IKERLAN, Ion Etxeberria, together with the current Chairman of IKERLAN, Jose Miguel Lazkanotegi.

During the tribute ceremony, Etxeberria said that “the commitment of those of us who today make up this technology centre is to give the best of ourselves to keep that utopia of 50 years ago alive and thriving. Respond to the impulse and trust of those people and entities, make them proud. As we say in the Basque language, izan zirelako gara”.

The tribute is one of the events that IKERLAN is holding throughout the year to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Conferences, open days, institutional events, a song with its video clip, ‘Mende erdiko lerroa’ and the popular festival to be held in Arrasate on May 25th are part of the programme.


The technology centre commemorates and pays tribute to the financial institution for its involvement in and promotion of its creation 50 years ago.

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