• The technology centre of the MONDRAGON Corporation and member of BRTA consolidated a staff of more than 400 people.
  • The Arrasate-Mondragón centre invested more than 4 million euros in equipment and infrastructures, as well as in training its staff.
  • Among the milestones of the year was the start-up of DIGILAB, the most advanced digital technology laboratory in Spain.

In the midst of a complex global economic context marked by uncertainty, the IKERLAN technology centre reached a record high in 2022 with a total income of 28 million euros and an outstanding increase in its turnover to companies. For the second year running, the area of technology transfer in key fields for the competitiveness of industry, such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, robotics and industrial automation or electrical energy storage, grew in double digits to reach 13,8 million euros, 11,2 % more than in 2021.

Likewise, last year IKERLAN marked a historic milestone in the field of people, consolidating a staff of more than 400 people and made a major investment in equipment, infrastructures and training, a total of 4 million euros, enabling it to maintain its position as a benchmark centre in its areas of specialisation. Among the investments highlighted the start-up of DIGILAB, the state-of-the-art digital technologies laboratory unique in the State (the new advanced power electronics laboratory specially designed for applications in the field of electric mobility and energy) and the commitment to the quarry and the training of junior researchers (50 active doctoral theses and more than 60 end-of-degree and master's projects carried out in collaboration with 12 universities).

These results were announced during IKERLAN's annual assembly, held today at the Amaia Antzokia Theatre in Arrasate. 

During his speech, the general director of the entity, Ion Etxeberria, stressed that "2022 has been a very positive year for IKERLAN, as we have had significant growth, especially from the point of view of the transfer to companies that, in short, is our main mission and our reason for being. Turnover from contracts with companies represents more than half of the centre's overall turnover and this means that we are coherent with our strategic plan and maintain our focus on accompanying companies in their technological and market challenges. Undoubtedly, the trust of companies and institutions in IKERLAN encourages us to continue working to attract the best talent and offer the best service to companies and build a better future for the country".

Transfer in leading sectors

In 2022, IKERLAN had a turnover of 28 million euros, 12 % more than in 2021.  One of the most noteworthy aspects of the past financial year was the figure of 13.8 million euros earned from transfer activities with companies. This figure represents nearly 52 % of its overall turnover and represents an increase of 11,2 % in this area compared to 2021 - a year in which it already achieved a significant increase of 12,5 %.

The centre's main sectors of activity were transport and mobility (43 %), advanced manufacturing (19 %) and energy (14 %), with a portfolio of important clients such as ORONA, CAF, ULMA, ORKLI, FAGOR or JEMA in the immediate vicinity, as well as multinationals such as GENERAL ELECTRIC, AMAZON AWS, ACCENTURE or NESTLÉ on the international scene. Throughout the year, the centre has collaborated with more than 170 companies (51 % of them SMEs) in more than 600 projects.

Talent attraction and training

In the field of People, 2022 was also a key year for the technology centre, as it reached the significant figure of 400 people. Etxeberria referred to the consolidation of the workforce, emphasising that "despite the complexity of the current situation, it has generally been a positive year from the point of view of attracting, retaining and consolidating staff, especially thanks to the results obtained from our pool of talent, the incorporation of external talent (30 % of incorporations) and the development of flexible working measures". In this regard, Etxeberria highlighted the commitment to flexibility at IKERLAN's three sites (Arrasate-Mondragón, Hernani and Bilbao from the beginning of 2023), and the extension of teleworking conditions aimed at promoting work-life balance and people's wellbeing.

At the scientific-technological cutting edge

In addition, IKERLAN obtained income of 12,9 million euros from public research programmes, which have allowed it to continue reinforcing its activities for the capture and development of technology, with a view to its subsequent transfer to companies. 24,9 % of this income came from programmes promoted by the Basque Government, 20,4 % corresponded to initiatives promoted by different European institutions and 3 % came from projects financed by the General State Administration and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

In 2022, IKERLAN worked on a total of 79 research projects and led a total of 10 European projects, in such outstanding areas as wind energy (INNTERESTING), remote updating of critical software (UP2DATE), vision systems based on artificial intelligence (NIMBLE AI) or batteries for electric mobility (LIBERTY), among others.

Valorisation of assets

To round off an excellent year, throughout 2022 IKERLAN laid the foundations for the creation of a new spin-off in the field of cybersecurity, a company that came into being in 2023 under the name of ORBIK CYBERSECURITY. ORBIK CYBERSECURITY was created to offer pioneering conformity assessment services in accordance with IEC-62443 and vulnerability analysis in electronic industrial products, and aims to be a reference in this field in southern Europe.


IKERLAN is a leading centre in technology transfer and in the contribution of competitive value to industry. It offers integral solutions combining different technological domains in two main areas: Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies (EICT), and Energy and Mechatronics. The technology centre's team is currently made up of 400 people and has offices in Arrasate-Mondragón, Donostialdea and Bilbao. As a co-operative member of the MONDRAGON Corporation and the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), IKERLAN maintains a sustainable, competitive business model in permanent transformation.

In 2022, IKERLAN's turnover to companies increased by more than 11%, representing more than half of the income and consolidating the technology centre's leadership in transfer projects.
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