• The event will be held on 21 March at the Garaia office at IKERLAN, in Arrasate-Mondragón.


The developments of Industry 4.0 and the digitalisation of industrial products and processes is an unstoppable force, which has an impact on the Basque industrial ecosystem since it opens up enormous opportunities to accelerate production processes, improve decision making processes and, ultimately, increase the competitiveness of businesses.

Within this interconnected environment, industrial cybersecurity has become an essential aspect to help ensure the availability of services, the protection of intellectual property and data confidentiality. As reported by the Spanish Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) in 2017, more than 123,000 IT security incidents had been detected, almost 7% more than 2016. With the growth of digitisation, all projections indicate that the number of cyber-attacks will continue to grow. For this reason, cybersecurity has become one of the greatest challenges for all industrial companies that want to remain competitive within the global ecosystem.


An event to implement real solutions

On 21 March, IKERLAN and the GAIA cluster will hold a conference at the Garaia offices of the technology centre to assist Basque companies to incorporate these essential cybersecurity measures into their products.

The event has the backing of Basque Cybersecurity Centre, the body designated by the Basque Government to promote cybersecurity in the Basque Country, which will be participating along with ZIUR, the Industrial Cybersecurity Centre recently launched by the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa.

Under the name of Development and Certification of Cybersecurity Industrial Components, the aim of IKERLAN and GAIA is to facilitate a real approach to the current needs and challenges of Basque companies, by offering guidelines to develop cybersecurity products and services that comply with the regulatory requirements.

The event will focus on specific issues surrounding industrial cybersecurity, including regulatory frameworks, standards and development methodologies. All participating companies can learn about the challenges and advantages of integrating cybersecurity into the product development process while following the principles of Security-by-Design. IKERLAN has extensive experience with this approach, which consists in the inclusion of security measures starting from the initial design phases.

Companies belonging to the GAIA cluster will also share their own experiences regarding the development and application of industry solutions as well as explain their own participation with their incorporation in industrial organisations.


The Basque Country, a technological reference in industrial cybersecurity


The Basque Country is positioning itself worldwide in cybersecurity as an emerging stakeholder capable of creating its own cutting-edge technology. In September 2017, the BCSC (Basque Cybersecurity Centre) was created as in institution promoted by the Basque Government and located in the Álava Technology Park.

Additionally, the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa launched the ZIUR Foundation, the Advanced Industrial Cybersecurity Centre of Gipuzkoa, recently established in Donostia-San Sebastián, having the purpose of accompanying Gipuzkoan companies in their adoption of risk prevention measures and addressing industrial cyber-attacks.

In this innovative ecosystem, the IKERLAN technology centre has become a technological reference centre for industrial cybersecurity in the design of specific business solutions, while complying with international industrial cybersecurity standards and certifications.

More than 260 Knowledge and Applied Technology companies belonging to the GAIA cluster are part of this robust ecosystem, providing essential products and services to enhance the development of Industry 4.0 and the new economy. This event will provide points of contact and showcase applied solutions.

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The IKERLAN technology centre and the GAIA cluster are to hold a conference for Basque companies on industrial cybersecurity, with the collaboration of both the Basque Cybersecurity Centre and ZIUR