• “We can help Basque companies make the transition from conventional production to industry 4.0”, explained the manager of the centre's Advanced Manufacturing unit, Xabier Sagartzazu


The technological centre IK4-IKERLAN will be showcasing its capabilities for encouraging the digital transformation of companies at Basque Industry 4.0, the event promoted by the Basque Government with the aim of sharing knowledge on the so-called fourth industrial revolution. This seminar is to be held on 16 November in the Kursaal Palace in Donostia-San Sebastián.

At this event, the centre, which will be sharing a stand with other members of the IK4 technological alliance, will be showcasing its developments in the technological setting of electronics, information and communication applied to Industry 4.0, which enable it to undertake projects with a high technological value and to offer comprehensive solutions to industry, ranging from monitoring systems (based on the concept of the Internet of Things or IOT) to massive data treatment and the exploitation of the same to improve industrial services.

More specifically, IK4-IKERLAN will be displaying its developments in the settings of sensors, robust industrial communications (wireless and machine-to-machine -M2M) and tools for the massive analysis of the data generated. Thanks to these developments, those companies applying them will be able to enhance their services, improve their operational efficiency and manage their processes more proactively.

“Basque Industry 4.0 will bring together the most important players in our industrial setting, and we aim to show them success stories applicable to Basque companies, whom we can help, make the transition from conventional production to Industry 4.0”, explained the manager of IK4-IKERLAN's Advanced Manufacturing unit, Xabier Sagartzazu.

The capabilities of IK4-IKERLAN

The technological centre has an extensive track record in the setting of electronics, which in recent years it has placed at the service of its customers to take advantage of the new opportunities offered to companies by the fourth industrial revolution.

The emergence of the new digital technologies offers the possibility of gathering information on the operation of machinery with a view to implementing new business models, developing more efficient products endowed with new features and even constructing machines with the capacity for autonomous decision-taking.

IK4-IKERLAN's offerings cover all the electronics needed to capture data on the operation of machinery and process, reliably communicate and analyse them to trigger the appropriate actions. This range is complemented by the centre's experience in technologies linked to mechatronics, energy and power electronics, making it possible to determine the key aspects to be monitored more accurately.

About Basque Industry 4.0

Basque Industry 4.0 is an event organised by the Basque Business Development Agency, SPRI, focusing on analysing the fourth industrial revolution and EICT tools as a basis for optimising industrial processes. This, the third edition, will have an exhibition area and a programme of conferences and workshops aimed at sharing the keys to the digitisation process that industry is currently undergoing.


IK4-IKERLAN is a leading centre for technology transfer and for providing competitive value to companies due, among other things, to the expertise of its researchers. It offers comprehensive solutions by combining different fields of technology. This is possible owing to its high level of specialisation in three main areas: Electronics, information and communication technology (EICT), Energy and power electronics and Advanced manufacturing. It currently has a staff of approximately 290 people.

It will be showcasing its developments in the settings of sensors, robust industrial communications and massive data analysis tools