IKERLAN recently organised two seminars for postgraduate students in which it shared the latest trends on energy and embedded systems. Through this initiative the centre offered the students on two of the UPV/EHU’s Master’s programmes a first-hand perspective on the latest advances in research in these areas as well as practical examples of their applications in the companies where the technologies were developed.

Firstly, the centre received a visit from students on the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Into The Electricity Grid Master’s course at its facilities in Galarreta, Hernani. The seminar dealt with the latest trends in the field of energy storage and renewables as well as the results obtained by the centre in projects run with companies. The event also gave the students the chance to get to know IKERLAN’s energy storage labs and the Orona-IDEO park.

And then at IKERLAN’s headquarters in Arrasate-Mondragón at the end of May there was a seminar with students on the university Master’s degree in Embedded Systems Engineering. The latest advances in industrial applications of embedded systems in sectors such as the railway, vertical transport and energy generation sectors were shown. On this occasion the seminar ended with a tour of the centre’s facilities and labs where the students were able to see the work being done by the researchers, and the various products developed for industry.

Both seminars were within the framework of the effort being made by IKERLAN to reinforce its collaboration with different universities. Besides presenting the state of the technologies to the students, these initiatives are seeking to bring the centre closer to potential future job seekers.


The IK4-IKERLAN centre is a leader in technology transfer, in the specialisation of its researchers and in the contribution it makes to the competitive value of companies. It offers comprehensive solutions by combining different technological fields. This is made possible by its high specialisation in three major areas: Electronics, Information and Communication, energy and power electronics and Advanced manufacturing technologies. Its current workforce is made up of over 250 qualified employees.

The centre organised seminars for students on two Master’s degree courses run by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country
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