• It showed its capabilities in the areas of embedded electronic systems and power electronics and the impact they have on various sectors
  • “Global Innovation Day is an opportunity to showcase our work with companies”

On Global Innovation Day, IK4-IKERLAN exhibited some of the latest developments it has deployed together with its customers for the transport, elevation and capital goods sectors. At this event, hold at the Euskalduna conference centre in Bilbao, the R&D centre will had a stand where it showed various devices it has developed together with leading Basque companies, such as Orona, CAF, Fagor Automation and Fagor Electrónica.

IK4-IKERLAN took advantage of this event to present its capabilities in technologies relating to embedded electronic systems and power electronics. Through these examples, the centre showed that starting from the same technological base it is capable of developing specific solutions that are useful in a range of sectors.

In the space devoted to the elevation sector, IK4-IKERLAN showed prototypes of three developments for lifts, which it has deployed together with the company Orona: a central control system, an energy management system and an electronic interconnection system between the lift and the company's management and control services.

To showcase its capabilities in the sphere of transport, the R&D centre presented two prototypes it has developed in collaboration with the company CAF: an information and communication system for trains and a BMS system to control the ultracapacitor banks of the energy storage system.

Finally, as regards capital goods, IK4-IKERLAN brought a cutting-edge numerical control system developed with Fagor Automation, plus a flexible platform for processing TV services developed with Fagor Electrónica.

Comprehensive solutions

“The main objective we have at IK4-IKERLAN is to help our customers be more competitive. Being present at this fórum enabled us to show tangible examples of the value we contribute to our customers,” explained Guillermo Irazoki, head of the centre’s strategic and institutional marketing. “Through these prototypes that were be on display, we demonstrated that we are capable of combining different technologies to develop comprehensive solutions with our customers for different sectors,” he added. “For IK4-IKERLAN it is important for companies and institutions in our area to get to know what the work we do involves, and Global Innovation Day is an opportunity to showcase it."

About Global Innovation Day

Global Innovation Day, which this year is holding its fourth edition, is the big forum for Basque innovation. It is an initiative promoted by Innobasque, the Basque Agency for Innovation. This year’s programme had 6 conference panels with 27 internationally known speakers, 41 meeting points, 38 workshops and an exhibition that displayed the most innovative initiatives.

Innobasque set up this initiative in 2011 to showcase Basque innovation, to position the Basque Autonomous Community as an innovative region, to facilitate a space for the exchange of knowledge and networking, and to help the people attending connect with global innovation.


IK4-IKERLAN is a leading centre in technology transfer and in the contribution of competitive value to companies, thanks to its capacity to offer comprehensive solutions by combining various technological domains. This is possible due to its high degree of expertise in six major areas: embedded systems, power electronics, microtechnologies, energy efficiency and storage, structural dependability and advanced manufacturing and the fact that it has a significant network of national and international collaboration that complements its offer so that it can provide its customers with the best solution.

With about 200 highly-qualified researchers on its staff, every year it develops over 120 R&D projects worth in excess of 10 million euros with companies in sectors such as transport, energy and capital goods.

It exhibited products developed with Orona, CAF, Fagor Automation and Fagor Electrónica