The technological centre of Arrasate-Mondragón, IK4-IKERLAN , will once again have a prominent presence this year in the thirtieth edition of the Bienal Española de Máquina Herramienta (BIEMH), which will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre from May 28th to June 1st.

The research entity will occupy an 85 m2 booth in Pavilion No. 1, that is booth C34 in the fairgrounds, where IKERLAN KONNEKT will show its value proposal aimed at Industry 4.0, a group of digitalisation solutions which is adapted to the specific needs of each company.

The IK4-IKERLAN booth will, in a practical and real way, present the visitors its capacities in the digitalisation of industrial products and services, through success stories obtained from Basque companies that are leaders in their sectors, such as Fagor Arrasate, Orona, Ikusi, among others.

At IK4-IKERLAN, we have a track record of more than 40 years in the collaboration with companies in the development of their products and services. We also have a strong team of 150 specialists in ICT technologies (Electronics, Information and Communication), which lets us cover, in a unique way, the entire IoT technological chain —from the sensor to the cloud— and offer digitalisation solutions adapted to the needs of each company. This is what we call “IKERLAN KONNEKT”, as explained by Ion Etxeberria, Director of the Electronic Information and Communication Technologies department of the technological centre.

In addition to showing its capabilities around the digitization of industrial products and services, IK4-IKERLAN will make personalized presentations about IKERLAN KONNEKT in its stand, for those people interested in knowing more details. These presentations will take place on 29, 30, 31 at 12:00. Registration is free and can be done through this link.

IKERLAN KONNEKT, solutions for the 4.0 Industry

Considered as an international model agent in the digitalisation field (it introduced its developments at the Mobile World Congress and at Hannover Messe in 2018, among others), IK4-IKERLAN goes to the Bienial with an offer of technological solutions that are articulated around a technological platform that can integrate and interconnect self-developed elements and applications from third parties. The purpose is to be completely adapted to the companies’ requirements by adequating the technologies to their needs, “and not the other way around,” states Etxeberria.

IKERLAN KONNEKT represents the total amount of knowledge and experience that grants the centre the ability to cover comprehensive digitalisation projects and that places it at the forefront of industrial solutions in key technologies such as sensorisation, connectivity, IoT, Cloud computing, BigData, and Data analytics, all of them with the highest security requirements (cybersecurity and safety)).

IKERLAN KONNEKT solutions have already been successfully implemented in a dozen of industrial applications in different sectors with high demand, such as equipment, transportation, or energy.


IK4-IKERLAN is a leading centre for technology transfer and for providing competitive value to companies due, among other things, to the expertise of its researchers. It offers comprehensive solutions by combining different fields of technology in three main areas: Electronics, information and communication technology (EICT), Energy and power electronics and Advanced manufacturing. In 2017, AENOR, has certified IK4-IKERLAN’s comprehensive management system (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 166002:2014), which is a acknowledging of the excellence of the centre in the R&D&I area. It currently has a staff of approximately 300 people.

The company will present its group of digitization solutions for products and services through success stories obtained from the implementation of this in leading Basque companies
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