Two groups of students in the 4th year of Statutory Secondary Education and the 1st year of the Sixth Form from the Ikastola Arizmendi (Basque-medium school) recently visited IKERLAN’s head office in Arrasate-Mondragon to find out for themselves about the centre’s research activities and their applications in everyday life.

The students got to know the centre’s areas of expertise devoted, respectively, to the technologies of electronics, information and communications; energy and power electronics; and advanced manufacturing.

The visitors were able to see how the generating of technological knowledge that is carried out at IKERLAN is useful in providing companies with value solutions. So they learnt about some of the developments carried out at the centre and which are used in applications such as lifts, trams or a whole range of industrial equipment.

Through visits of this kind the centre aims to spread the activity it undertakes, to bring the work in the field of science and technology closer to youngsters in the area, and to provide the students with more information to help them decide what training they are going to pursue.

“Technical careers can be exciting and are greatly in demand by companies so that is why we want to encourage students to commit themselves to them,” explained Ion Etxeberria, head of the People area at IKERLAN.

The centre, which has a staff of over 280 people, is right in the midst of a process to hire people to join its team.

They got to know about the centre’s research activities and how they are applied in daily life
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