Advanced research into sustainability and energy efficiency

Energy Lab is the space that we dedicate to developing a global response to the sustainability and energy efficiency challenges demanded by our customers. In it, we design customised solutions that integrate power electronics, electrical storage and electrical energy management systems.

Medium voltage and power electronics

In this environment, we conduct research, tests and experiments related to electrical and electronic systems operating at medium voltage levels. Also with electrical machines and other power electronics devices. The laboratory has the capacity to supply DC and AC power to the different equipment under test and has various auxiliary mechanical elements, such as benches or the necessary couplings, as well as devices for measuring multiple electrical variables (voltage, current, power, insulation, etc.) and electrical loads.

Electrical energy storage systems

The laboratory is dedicated to the study, design and evaluation of technologies and devices used to store electrical energy, especially battery cells and complete battery systems of different chemistries, energies and powers. It is capable of different charge and discharge cycle tests, and has multiple test channels. Thus, at Energy Lab we drive innovation in the field of electrical energy storage, which is essential for the integration of renewable energy sources.

Energy management

This laboratory also specialises in the research and development of technologies and strategies related to the optimal use of energy. The aim is to create and implement solutions that enable the harnessing of clean, renewable and efficient energy sources and their integration with storage systems. In this way, we promote sustainable mobility, such as the electric vehicle, and more environmentally friendly transport systems.