Embedded systems, cybersecurity and cutting-edge digital technologies.

Focused on the creation, testing and optimization of electronic components and embedded systems used in industrial devices and IoT, DIGILAB is a research space with a great goal: to advance the knowledge and application of dependable embedded systems, functional safety, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and massive data processing technologies, ensuring resilience and robustness of their connectivity in a distributed environment.

Dependable embedded systems

This is a space dedicated to the creation and evaluation of embedded and distributed systems, designed to operate in a safety and consistent manner across multiple devices and geographic locations, even in challenging conditions and critical applications. DIGILAB focuses on improving the dependability, availability and resilience of these systems. And it also focuses on scalability and redundancy challenges, ensuring predictable, error-free and uninterrupted operation.


DIGILAB is an environment specialised in assessing how electronic devices interact with each other and with their electromagnetic environment. The main purpose is to ensure that devices comply with EMC standards and that they do not generate or are susceptible to electromagnetic interference that may affect their operation or that of other nearby devices.


Here we design, develop and validate printed circuit boards, or PCBs, with high performance: processing, robustness, reliability, component density and electrical efficiency.


We also work to optimise cybersecurity in embedded and distributed systems. We identify vulnerabilities, develop safety solutions and evaluate the effectiveness of protection measures. The aim is to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks, and to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of information.

Hardware platforms

At DIGILAB, we research and test electronic components and devices with exceptional performance in terms of speed, capacity, safety, reliability and efficiency. We focus especially on the creation, development and analysis of hardware: integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, microprocessors and sensors.

Robust communications

We want to ensure the availability and dependability of communication networks in embedded and distributed systems. And to do this, we design communication protocols capable of working effectively and maintaining connectivity even in adverse conditions, such as harsh environments, electromagnetic interference, cyber-attacks or other challenges.


In this specialised environment, we evaluate network equipment, mobile devices, services and applications that leverage 5G capabilities. We look for faster data speeds, lower latency and higher connectivity capacity, with a view to adopting this technology in a variety of industries.

Edge computing

We also build systems, architectures and applications that leverage the processing and storage capacity of devices close to where information is generated, rather than relying heavily on the central cloud. We focus on optimising applications that require low latency, high processing speed and near-source data processing, such as IoT applications, autonomous vehicles, industrial automation and real-time content streaming services.

Computing servers and cloud access

At DIGILAB we experiment with technologies and services related to cloud computing. From this infrastructure we provide services, storage and data processing in a scalable, flexible and efficient way. It is a critical work to the development of emerging technologies such as hybrid cloud computing, container orchestration and cloud resource management. 

Artificial intelligence

IKERLAN has equipment that allows the development of artificial intelligence applications to solve complex problems more efficiently and quickly than classic computing, which allows the development of applications in areas such as autonomous driving, artificial vision and the optimisation of industrial processes.