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Commited to our environment

We are a cooperative and, for that reason, at IKERLAN we feel responsible for the development and wellness of our society and the environment in which we live. Cooperation is one of our brand values. For this reason, each year we assign a portion of our available surplus to the compulsory contribution for education and cooperative promotion and other public interest purposes (COFIP).

We support and collaborate with several social and cultural projects:


SOS Arrazakeria Gipuzkoa

We play our part in the work they do in the Urretxindorra project, about social mentoring aimed at young teenagers of migrant origin at risk of social exclusion.

Go to Mundukide Foundation


Commited to our language as we are, since 1989 we have been working to promote it within our organization with a solid strategic plan accompanied by several activities, such as Korrika, where we participate in a kilometre of the circuit every two years, or Euskaraldia.


Equality plan

We encourage equality in diverse environments within our group of people. We are currently working on the project Equality, Conciliation and Joint Responsibility of the District Council of Guipúzcoa.

Learn about the Equality Plan

We are close

To people with different conditions, to help them make their lives easy. Pausoka and Aspanogi are some of the associations with which we have collaborated recently.


Educational Robotics Workshops

We contribute to fostering our pool of researchers by introducing the world of technology to the younger ones.


Non-financial report

Consult the information related to environmental, human rights or IKERLAN personnel aspects in our Non-financial report.

Check the report
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