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PEBB based medium voltage converter optimized design methodology

Jon San Sebastián

DIRECTORES: Jon Andoni Barrena, Ion Etxeberria-Otadui UNIVERSIDAD: Mondragon Unibertsitatea



In the last decades, the developments of MV semiconductors and multilevel topologies have contributed to the spread of MV converters in industrial applications. The design of such converters entails a multidisciplinary point of view as electrical, thermal and mechanical aspects must be integrated. However, the design decisions are often based on the knowhow and the experience of the designers and thus, even if the proposed solutions are generally correct they are not always the optimal solutions.

In the last years, in order to formalize the design decisions, some design methodologies based on optimization algorithms have been proposed. However, most of them are focused on low voltage converters.

The main objective of this thesis is the proposal of an optimized design methodology to the design of MV converters. For this purpose, a design methodology that enables the evaluation different converter configurations providing some indicators to evaluate their performance in an autonomous way is presented.

Based on the developed design methodology, a design tool is developed and applied to the design of a 3kV 8MVA grid connected converter, including the algorithms, simulation models and the mathematics behind the design methodology. Then, the designed converter is validated by means of multidisciplinary simulation models.

Finally, the Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB) of the designed converter, which consists of an IGCT based three level converter, is developed and validated experimentally under nominal power ratings.

URL: http://www.mondragon.edu/es/eps/estudios/doctorado/tesis-doctorales-defendidas/curso-2012-2013/san-sebastian-bengoechea-jon

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