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Progressive failure analysis of DCB bonded joints using a new elastic foundation coupled with a cohesive damage model

M. Cabello, A. Turon, J. Zurbitu, J. Renart, C. Sarrado, F. Martínez

European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids


A new analytical model to predict progressive failure in a double cantilever beam (DCB) bonded joint is proposed. The model is based on the Winkler elastic foundation theory and coupled with a damage model based on the cohesive zone approach. The elastic behaviour of the adhesive layer is accounted for defining a new general stiffness foundation function. The model is compared and validated against experimental and finite element simulations using cohesive elements. Bonded DCB specimens with flexible and stiff adhesives and different width to thickness ratios have been tested and simulated. The new coupled model accurately predicts the load-displacement curve, damage process zone, crack propagation and stress-strain distribution response of the DCB test, whatever the thickness or stiffness of the adhesive layer. Moreover, a very low computational cost/time is required in comparison with finite element simulations.

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