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On the support of multi-perspective process models variability for smart environments

Murguzur, A., De Carlos, X., Trujillo, S., Sagardui, G.

In: International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development. (2014)


Cloud service-based applications are to be adapted to serve multiple platforms and stakeholders. Atop of such services, Smart Green Buildings are fostering a plethora of processes within their sustainability life-cycle. This introduces a number of challenges, as how to support multiple perspectives of domain-specific variability and how to deal with large collections of related process variants. To tackle this, there is a need to handle multiperspective variability for processes. This paper introduces an approach to manage multi-perspective process variability by means of a meta-model and a modeling methodology, representing separately people and things variability perspectives in smart environments. Initial experimental results are also described, which indicate encouraging results for managing highly complex variability models.

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