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Electrochemical biosensing of non-electroactive targets using ferrocene-labeled magnetic particles and CNT wiring

Herrasti, Zorione; Olivé-Monllau, Rosa; Muñoz, Francesc; Martínez, Fernando; Baldrich, Eva

Analyst, 2014,139, 1334-1339


We show that target binding onto ferrocene-modified magnetic microparticles (MP-Fc) promotes physical sheltering of the labels. This can be measured electrochemically by CNT wiring, which enhances ten-fold the signals registered compared to direct detection of the MPs alone. As a proof of concept, detection of detergents and antibodies is accomplished. In these preliminary experiments, random binding of 0,01 % Tween 20 onto MP-Fc was detectable both voltametrically and impedimetrically after a 2 min incubation. Furthermore, affinity capture of 4 μg mL−1 of biotinylated antibody by streptavidin MP-Fc could be measured in less than 30 min and even in the presence of 1 mg mL−1 of BSA.


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