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Development and integration of an electrochemical system ina LOC device for DNA detection

Z.Herrasti, I.Etxabe, J.M.Mitxelena, M.P.Martínez, F.Martínez

Procedia Engineering 47 ( 2012 ) 25 – 28


In this work we have developed an electrochemical detection system (EDS), with the aim to simplify and reduce the cost of a Lab on a Chip (LOC) device [1] in the case of qualitative DNA detection measurements. For that, in addition to the optical detection system of the LOC device an EDS is added. The LOC system consists of a potable platform reader-actuator and a disposable labcard capable of performing nucleic acid concentration and amplification. The sample is injected in the labcard and, after the elution of the DNA, it is transferred to the PCR chamber, where the DNA is amplified and transferred to the detection chamber. In this chamber an electrochemical sensor is integrated. In addition, a potentiostat/galvanostat which is integrated in the LOC system is developed for the electrochemical measurements.

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