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Critical review of state of health estimation methods of Li-ion batteries for real applications

M. Berecibar, I. Gandiaga, I. Villarreal, N. Omar, J. Van Mierlo, P. Van den Bossche

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews


Lithium-ion battery packs in hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as in other traction applications, are always equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS consists of hardware and software for battery management including, among others, algorithms determining battery states. The accurate and reliable State of Health (SOH) estimation is a challenging issue and it is a core factor of a battery energy storage system.

In this paper, battery SOH monitoring methods are reviewed. To this end, different scientific and technical literature is studied and the respective approaches are classified in specific groups. The groups are organized in terms of the way the method is carried out: Experimental Techniques or Adaptive Models. Not only strengths and weaknesses for the use in online BMS applications are reviewed but also their accuracy and precision is studied. At the end of the document a potential, new and promising via in order to develop a methodology to estimate the SOH in real applications is detailed.

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