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Co-optimization of storage system sizing and control strategy for intelligent photovoltaic power plants market integration

A. Saez de Ibarra, A. Milo, H. Gaztanaga, V. Debusschere, S. Bacha

IEEE Transaction on Sustainable Energy (publicado)


Energy storage systems (ESS) when integrated with large-scale photovoltaic (PV) plants, constituting a so-called Intelligent PV (IPV) power plant, are able to contribute to improve the economic viability of these power plants and to help them participate in the electricity markets as other traditional generators. In this paper, the sizing and control strategy co-optimization for an existing IPV power plant is proposed and implemented. A global linear programming (LP) optimization algorithm is developed, where the optimal components sizing is computed directly in the same optimization as the operating management of the storage system. In the IPV power plant design stage, the LP optimization is applied to obtain the optimal energy storage sizing parameters (capacity and power rate). In the operation stage, the same LP algorithm optimizes the control strategy to participate to electricity markets. This participation is based on the online model predictive control (MPC) to counteract PV forecast errors by participating in intraday markets. The proposed approach (optimal ESS sizing and online MPC) increases the daily economic benefits around 20%.

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