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Carbon nanotube wiring for signal amplification of electrochemical magneto immunosensors. Application to myeloperoxidase detection

Herrasti, Zorione; Martínez, Fernando; Baldrich, Eva

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry .2014 Sep;406 (22):5487-93


In this work, chronoamperometric myelo-peroxidase (MPO) detection was accomplished using immunofunctionalized magnetic microparticles (MPs), disposable carbon screen-printed electrodes (C-SPEs), and a ready-to-use commercially available tetramethylbenzidine (TMB)-based enzymatic substrate. In order to reach the limit of detection (LOD) needed to study real blood serum samples, assay performance was additionally improved by exploiting CNT wiring, which amplified the signal and decreased the LOD. The optimized assay can be performed in 30 min and yields LODs of 6 and 55 ng mL(-1) in PBS and undiluted human serum, respectively, making it useful for the identification of patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. These results demonstrate that electrode nanostructuring can be accomplished "post-assay," which favors the development of enhanced magneto immunosensors based on the exploitation of cheap and simple SPE devices

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