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Analytical Models of Multiphase Isolated Medium-Frequency dc-dc Converters

A. Garcia-Bediaga, I. Villar, A. Rujas, I. Etxeberria-Otadui, A. Rufer

IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics (publicado)


This paper presents new analytical equations, parametrized with respect to the number of converter phases, for multiphase isolated dc-dc topologies. This paper describes five multiphase isolated converter models, as well as their level of accuracy. Based on these new parametric models, a thorough comparative among various common high-power converter topologies is carried out, highlighting the best topology regarding efficiency, cost, and power density. The analytical results are firstly compared and verified using PLECS simulation software, and validated finally by experimental measurements with a 10-kW/20-kHz/500-V configurable laboratory prototype. Due to the low computation cost and accuracy, the developed analytical models provide important insights for optimization-based design methodologies. Furthermore, this paper highlights, depending on the targeted application and objectives, the benefits of each analyzed converter configuration.

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