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Publicaciones científicas


Línea de investigación



Study of alternatives and experimental validation for predictions of hole-edge fatigue crack growth in 42CrMo4 steel

Mikel Escalero, Sergio Blasón, Haritz Zabala, Ireneo Torca, Iker Urresti, Miguel Muniz-Calvente, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli

Engineering Structures

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A critical review on self-adaptive Li-ion battery ageing models

M. Lucu, E. Martinez-Laserna, I. Gandiaga, H. Camblong

Journal of Power Sources

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Design, analysis and implementation of a time-bounded spectrum handoff algorithm for real-time industrial wireless sensor and actuator networks

I. Val, A. Etxabe, R. Torrego, P. M. Rodriguez, C. Cruces, V. Diez, M. Mendicute, A. Arriola

Journal of Network and Computer Applications

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Battery second life: Hype, hope or reality? A critical review of the state of the art

E. Martinez-Laserna, I. Gandiaga, E. Sarasketa-Zabala, J. Badeda, D. I.Stroe, M.Swierczynski, A.Goikoetxea

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

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Static and cyclic strength properties of brittle adhesives with porosity

Garbiñe Fernandez, Dirk Vandepitte, Hodei Usabiaga, Stijn Debruyne

International Journal of Fatigue

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