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Argitalpen zientifikoak


Ikerketa lerroa


Towards model-driven engineering for mixed-criticality systems: MultiPARTES Approach

In Industry-Driven Approaches for Cost-effective Certification of Safety-Critical, Mixed-Criticality Systems (WICERT)), Workshop on. 2013. Grenoble, France

The Challenge of Developing Energy Storage Systems: Validation Infrastructures

Keynote at Batteries 2012 Conference, Niza. [24th-26th of October 2012 – Nice, France]

Design and development of a PEBB for a medium voltage 8MVA IGCT based converter

Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (EPE/PEMC), 2012 15th International

Internal geometry variability of two woven composites and related variability of the stiffness

Polym Compos. Volume 33, Issue 8, Pages: 1335-1350, 2012

A Stationary Reference Frame Grid Synchronization System for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Power Converters Under Adverse Grid Conditions

Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 27 , Issue: 1. 2012.

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