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Tackling the Challenges of the Integration of Wired and Wireless TSN With a Technology Proof-of-Concept

Seijo O., Iturbe X., Val I.

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics


Standard wireless systems are rapidly evolving to support the strict requirements of industrial applications. In this research line, wireless time-sensitive networking (TSN) is gaining momentum, thanks to the interest of wired TSN among the industries. A critical aspect of the wireless TSN research is the integration of wired and wireless TSN to create large-scale hybrid TSN networks. This integration is currently being discussed for 5G, whereas the integration between wired TSN and IEEE 802.11 is a step behind. To address this gap in the state of the art, this article discusses the integration challenges of wired TSN and wireless local area network technologies and proposes a hybrid TSN device architecture. Based on the architecture, we have developed a hybrid TSN network proof-of-concept. The proof-of-concept demonstrates that the hybrid TSN architecture can maintain the essential TSN services, including providing guaranteed latency in the 100-microsecond level.

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