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Framework for Managing Maintenance of Wind Farms Based on a Clustering Approach and Dynamic Opportunistic Maintenance

Juan Izquierdo, Adolfo Crespo Márquez, Jone Uribetxebarria, Asier Erguido



The growth in the wind energy sector is demanding projects in which profitability must be ensured. To fulfil such aim, the levelized cost of energy should be reduced, and this can be done by enhancing the Operational Expenditure through excellence in Operations & Maintenance. There is a considerable amount of work in the literature that deals with several aspects regarding the maintenance of wind farms. Among the related works, several focus on describing the reliability of wind turbines and many set the spotlight on defining the optimal maintenance strategy. It is in this context where the presented work intends to contribute. In the paper a technical framework is proposed that considers the data and information requisites, integrated in a novel approach a clustering-based reliability model with a dynamic opportunistic maintenance policy. The technical framework is validated through a case study in which simulation mechanisms allow the implementation of a multi-objective optimization of the maintenance strategy for the lifecycle of a wind farm. The proposed approach is presented under a comprehensive perspective which enables the discovery an optimal trade-off among competing objectives in the Operations & Maintenance of wind energy projects.

DOI / link: https://doi.org/10.3390/en12112036

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