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Energy Efficiency in the Industrial sector in the EU, Slovenia, and Spain

Jurgita Malinauskaite, Hussam Jouhara, Bakartxo Egilegor, Fouad Al-Mansour, Lujean Ahmad, Matevz Pusnik



‘Energy efficiency first’ is one of the key principles of the Energy Union, mainly due to it being the most cost effective way to reduce emissions, improving energy security, enhancing competitiveness and making energy consumption more affordable for all consumers. In light of the revised EU Energy Efficiency Directive, this paper discusses new developments brought by the EU together with the national case studies of Slovenia and Spain. Given that the paper has a specific focus on the industrial sector, it discusses the selected measures of the Energy Efficiency Directive, such as defined in Articles 7, 8, and 14, which are the most relevant to this sector. The paper also explores the newly issued integrated national energy and climate plans together with national measures and policies that support energy efficiency in industry, including the quantification of achieved and forecast energy savings in these two EU Member States.

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