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Analysis of a reversible five-point bending configuration based on a novel two-sense support

F. Mujika, M. Asensio, G. Vargas, A. Boyano, J. De Gracia

Polymer Testing


A novel two-sense support for flexural tests has been designed and manufactured in Ikerlan. The aim of this support is to do two-sense bending fatigue tests. In order to reduce the displacement corresponding to a given stress, a novel test configuration, designated as five-point bending, is modelled analytically. Basically, it is a three-point configuration with two supports at the ends that exert forces in the same sense as the applied load. In this way, a partial clamping is obtained that can be modelled by concentrated loads. The model has been checked carrying out quasi-static three-point and five-point bending tests at different spans in unidirectional carbon/epoxy composite specimens. Flexural modulus and the out-of-plane shear modulus have been obtained by linear regression in both cases, after having obtained experimentally the stiffness of the system.

DOI/link: doi:10.1016/j.polymertesting.2015.03.004

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