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A decision support system for modelling and implementing the supply network configuration and operations scheduling problem in the machine tool indust

Maheut, J., Besga, J.M., Uribetxeberria, J., García-Sabater, J.P.

Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations, 2013 (DOI:10.1080/09537287.2013.798087) 


This paper presents a decision support system to simultaneously solve the supply network configuration problem and the operations scheduling problem for the machine tool industry. A novel database structure, which is able to consider alternative operations and alternative bills of material, has been used. An algorithm for complete enumeration to determine all the feasible solutions using stroke graphs is introduced. A multiagent-based simulator evaluates the different key performance indicators that the supply network deals with for each alternative solution (e.g. workload, profits, delivery times, etc.) to determine that ‘satisficed’ by the collaborative decision-making among its members. A case study based on a Spanish company that assembles highly customised machines and tools in several European plants is considered. From the experiments results based on data linked to this industry, it will be demonstrated that the tool is potentially useful for stakeholders and for the central decision-maker to make decisions collaboratively in a multisite context case. 

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