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Europako Batzordea
Akronimoa Espediente zk. Izenburua Diru laguntzaren zenbatekoa Maileguaren zenbatekoa Iraupena
FLAME SOFC 19875 Development of cost-competitive fuel-cell systems for small scale domestic CHPsystems in the 1 to 5 kW range and associated BoP components 530.000,00€ 0,00€ 2005-2010
POLYSMART 19988 POLYgeneration using advanced Small and Medium scale heat driven Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technology 496.939,00€ 0,00€ 2007-2010
SOLAR COMBI+ EIE/07/158/SI2. Small scale combined solar heating and cooling applications 25.479,00€ 0,00€ 2007-2010
AMIGO 004182 Ambiente inteligente para todos en el hogar 417.096,00€ 0,00€ 2004-2009
NETCARITY 045508 A Networked multisensor system for elderly people health care, safety and security in home environment 487.464,00€ 0,00€ 2007-2011
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