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¿Why choose IKERLAN for your power electronics projects?


We have been transferring power electronics technology to industry for over 40 years

  • In addition to mastering technology, we apply it in each case so that it provides additional value

IKERLAN is a technology centre specialising in the transfer of knowledge and providing competitive value to companies.

In order to respond to the various challenges we face in our power electronics projects, we are highly conversant with the latest semiconductors on the market and have several years' experience with SiC and GaN technologies. All this knowledge was acquired in the many research projects in which we participate, with the aim of applying them to industry and offering an advanced starting point for their application in the market.

At IKERLAN, our great capacity for the development of medium voltage equipment, from the design and simulation to the full-scale validation phase, provides a distinct advantage. Our well-established design and testing methodology is a guarantee for achieving these goals. In fact, we offer a wide range of equipment for conducting different types of tests:

  • High current sources (up to 1 kAdc) for thermal testing.
  • High voltage sources (up to 12 kVdc) for medium voltage semiconductor switching tests.
  • Reversible sources (up to 1 kVdc) for testing all types of equipment for electric vehicles (light and heavy).
  • Engine test beds for typical Back2Back tests.

We also, develop functional prototypes that are very close to the final marketable product, because we design them with a focus on the objective that makes it saleable, such as efficiency, sturdiness, volume, cost…

Another major advantage that makes us stand out is our experience of more than 40 years in power electronics projects. This expertise in the development of converters with multidisciplinary technologies provides a guarantee for our customers, for projects with magnetic elements, control systems, electromechanical development, EMC testing, thermal analysis…

Customer service

This is how we work for and with the client:

  • Commitment to the project and the client: our objective is to give the client a competitive edge with our project in order to increase their market share.
  • Knowledge transfer to the client: working with the client throughout to transmit the how and why of each step of the project.
  • Joint decision-making: the client has to participate in the decision-making process and take ownership of the project, while IKERLAN provides its expertise to achieve the best solution.

Extensive partner network

Our principal and long-standing partner is Mondragon Unibertsitatea, with whom we have a joint working group called IBAT (Ikerketa eta Berrikuntza Adituen taldea), in which we share knowledge and work on research projects related to electrical machines and power electronics converters.

In addition, we have very good relations with other universities such as the University of Oviedo and the Polytechnic University of Madrid, especially in the area of doctoral theses. We also work with universities such as the Zurich ETH for the placement of PhD students in its centres and with its principal researchers.

Would you like to know more about how we can help you in power electronics projects? Contact us!

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