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The IK4-IKERLAN researcher Zorione Herrasti has proposed a method to develop more sensitive biosensors


Improving the sensitivity of these devices is crucial for applying them in sectors like healthcare, agriculture and the environment


In her work entitled ‘Nanostructured surfaces for developing electrochemical biosensors and incorporating them into a portable detection system' Herrasti has developed a portable electrochemical detection system into which electrodes with nanostructured surfaces have been fitted. The nanostructuring of the sensor surfaces by means of carbon nanotubes has been found to amplify the signals recorded and lowers the detection limits of various analytes of clinical interest.

Electrochemical biosensors allow portable POC (Point-of-Care) devices to be developed. These devices offer numerous advantages over other diagnostics systems, as they enable the analyses to be automated, their costs to be cut and are easier to use.

The work is part of the centre’s line of research into Microsystems for industrial environments. 

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