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The European Union recognizes IK4-IKERLAN as a key agent in the development of innovative solutions


Innovation Radar, initiative to detect innovative talent in European funding projects, has highlighted the creation of innovative assets of the ANGElab project


Innovation Radar, a tool of the European Commission to identify projects with a high degree of innovation created with funding from the H2020, FP7 or CIP programs, has appointed IK4-IKERLAN as a key developer of innovative assets. Specifically, the independent experts that make up this innovation barometer have highlighted the opportunities for value creation that have arisen around the ANGElab research project, a family of devices designed to detect diseases of the foetus through mother’s blood, developed by IK4-IKERLAN under the impetus of the FP7 European program. “These innovations are in the early stages of technological maturity,” they say in their statement.

Referents in Europe

The recognition of the excellence that IK4-IKERLAN has received reinforces the Centre as a leading research agent in Europe. The research carried out by IK4-IKERLAN will be published in the new Innovation Radar platform, a page in which projects selected for their “high quality” that have been financed with European funds will be collected.

“We believe that the initiative will open new opportunities for IK4-IKERLAN to associate with business or academic organizations and arouse the interest of potential clients or investors. Above all, it will demonstrate to a global audience the innovative work it performs”, explains the Innovation Radar working group.

The platform will be presented on April 10 in Brussels, during the celebration of Digital Day 2018”, an event to which ministers and members of the European Parliament will attend.

New H2020 projects

Participating in European projects represents the possibility for IK4-IKERLAN to advance in its technological specialization and to collaborate with entities of international reference. With the recognition received, IK4-IKERLAN reinforces its positioning within a work trajectory with European funds already consolidated. In this regard, it should be noted that during the year 2017 IK4-IKERLAN has obtained the necessary funding to develop seven new projects within the H2020 program.

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