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Successful completion of the European project BATTERIES2020


The project led by IKERLAN focuses on improving the performance of lithium-ion batteries and reusing them in a second lifetime as electricity storage systems for renewable energies


The Final Revision Meeting of the European project BATTERIES2020 was held last 14th September, thus completing the project led by the IKERLAN technology centre. This project received a very positive review by the assessment committee.

The companies and centres that have collaborated in this project also gave a positive evaluation of the technical results and the advancement of technological capacity for the development and manufacturing of new products, especially regarding the development of technologies allowing a second use of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles once they no longer serve their initial function. It has been demonstrated that the storage capacity retained by these batteries after being used in a vehicle enables them to be employed to store electrical energy (for example, originating from renewable sources such as wind or solar power), thus significantly increasing their exploitability, reducing environmental impact and contributing to the continuous reduction of the costs of introducing storage technologies into the power grid.

Among the results obtained in the project, it is worth highlighting the new generation of cathodes, which has led to lithium-ion cells that can be subjected to greater use cycles and which increase their energy density. In parallel, new methods to analyze and improve the lifetime performance of different generations of cells have been developed. The project has also allowed different technical and financial validations of the second lifetime concept, enabling the extension of the useful life of the product.

World leading firms in the electricity storage, automotive and energy sectors have participated in this project. These include Umicore, Leclanché, Centro Ricerche FIAT and ABENGOA; the RWTH, VuB and AUU centres; and Eurobat, the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers.

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