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Launch of the European initiative “Smart Anything Everywhere” Minatec Grenoble, 26 and 27 March 2015



This fórum, with participation of partners of GATEONE project will launch the European cluster «Smart Anything Everywhere» made of 4 networks of regional competence centres and funded with 26 M€. Their ultimate goal is to facilitate access to latest technologies in the areas of systems and components. The forum will discuss capabilities of electronics and ICT technologies to enable SMEs building innovative and competitive «smart» products. In addition, France will present its experience with a complementary initiative to foster innovation in SMEs:

The fi rst day will introduce SME success stories from the CAP’TRONIC Initiative as well as a set of new platforms aimed to ease the access of SMEs to electronics and ICT innovation.

The second day will introduce the European vision about the enabling role of electronics and ICT as well as new tools to facilitate the access of SMEs to electronics and ICT innovation.

For more details please visit the event’s website.

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