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IKERLAN with prominent presence at the Basque Industry 4.0 Congress


At the event, the centre will showcase a demonstrator in order to exhibit its solution developed in collaboration with Telefónica and Amazon Web Services for a use case associated with Smart City

  • IKERLAN researchers will present the practical applications of the latest technologies to the industrial sector in two lecture rooms on Artificial Intelligence and Sensorics
  • The event, which will be held on the 26th of this month at the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall in Bilbao, is the largest meeting point organised for Industry 4.0 in Euskadi 

The Basque technological centre IKERLAN will have a prominent presence at Basque Industry 4.0 The Meeting Point, where it will present its innovative solution for cybersecurity connectivity for IoT devices and it will give talks on Artificial Intelligence and Sensorics at two technological lecture rooms.

The connectivity solution, developed in collaboration with Telefónica and Amazon Web Services (AWS), is based on a IoT SIM phone card that allows Internet of Things (IoT) devices to connect cybersecurity to Amazon Web Services IoT (AWS IoT). This system streamlines management of the secure connection of IoT devices in the Cloud, and allows for the remote distribution of credentials, facilitating and protecting the connectivity between devices and the Cloud.

The Basque research centre will take a demonstrator to the industrial technology event to exhibit this system developed for a use case associated with Smart City. The IKERLAN connectivity solution allows for the monitoring of energy consumption using an advanced Smart Meter and a Smart Modem providing cybersecurity connectivity for the Cloud.

Basque Industry 4.0 The Meeting Point is a multidisciplinary event that combines strategy, exchange of knowledge, technological developments, real-life experiences, practical cases and workshops, and it is also aimed at all stakeholders involved in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. Apart from showcasing its cybersecurity connectivity solution, the research centre will give presentations on Artificial Intelligence and Sensorics at two lecture rooms, in which it will provide details on practical cases regarding the applications of the latest technological tools for industry.

Autonomous driving for industry

In the first lecture room, under the theme of Artificial Intelligence, the researcher Jon Pérez from IKERLAN's EICT unit, will explain how industry can benefit from the technological advances and commercial solutions stemming from autonomous driving, a system in which IKERLAN has accumulated extensive expertise over the last few years. He will unveil the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, including solutions for speech recognition and augmented reality and the availability of Big Data for production processes.

Implications of sensorisation

In the second room, IKERLAN will make its presentation on Sensorics. The speaker for this topic is the head of the Specialisation Team in Microsystems, Iosu Gabilondo, who will address the implications for the industrial sector regarding the development and integration of robust sensorisation solutions. These systems must be protected to withstand severe industrial environments and those that are difficult to access and they must be energetically autonomous and integrate management and low consumption energy techniques. A robust and secure connectivity system ensures reliable bidirectional data traffic.

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