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IK4-IKERLAN to present a solution to predict the health of offshore wind turbines


This tool will be shown on a technical day about materials for hostile environments, to be held on 16 February


IK4-IKERLAN will participate on 16 February in a technical day entitled Technological solutions for materials in hostile environments, on which it will be showing a predictive tool that has been developed for the field of offshore wind energy. Wind turbines located on the high seas are required to face a very adverse environment marked by the salinity of the water. The centre has developed a solution capable of predicting how environmental conditions will affect the integrity of wind turbine structures and marine platforms.

In this event, organised by the IK4 Alliance, will take place in the central building of the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia, Zamudio. Different companies and research centres will be sharing their knowledge of advanced materials to companies and agents interested in learning about the latest technologies, applications and trends in this field from a technical standpoint.

The centre be offering a paper entitled Application of the Fuzzy Method for the Study of Jackets Subject to Corrosion. It will show a predictive tool capable of simulating how the materials of the wind turbine jackets will behave against the corrosion caused by the salinity of the seawater and how it will affect the integrity of the structure.

The aforementioned tool will allow companies to predict the service life years of the materials, set their use to the maximum, and improve the safety of the structure.

Material technologies are making a huge breakthrough, making it possible to increase availability and improve the price of high-performance materials for hostile environments.

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