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IKERLAN to host an informative seminar on EU aid for ICTs


 On 15 December in Arrasate - Mondragón


On 15 December, the head offices of IKERLAN in Arrasate - Mondragón will be the venue for an informative seminar on raising awareness among Basque companies of the features of the new ICT-2017 aid scheme for information and communication technologies (ICT), within the Horizonte2020 programme.

In the event—named Horizon 2020: Information and Communication Technologies and organised by the IK4 Research Alliance, SPRI, Beaz Bizkaia and Innobasque—the financing opportunities offered by the European Union to conduct projects in different ICT areas, such as robotics, Big Data, embedded systems, electronics and photonics, will be analysed.

During the seminar, key points for improving draft projects will be shared, the practical impact of European projects on companies will be explained, and awareness on the financing instruments available to implement innovation and development activities in companies will be raised.

The aim is to provide Basque industry with the keys to benefit from this aid, an essential tool for boosting their competitiveness and internationalisation.

Participating in the seminar will be representatives from IKERLAN, Innobasque, CDTI, MONDRAGON Corporation, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, GAIA and Fagor Arrasate.

Further information and registration.

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