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IKERLAN tells companies about the benefits of using adhesive joints for design solutions


Representatives from the most important companies in our field attended the seminar


IKERLAN held a seminar at its headquarters called Design Solutions through the use of Adhesive Joints, which was aimed at companies. The purpose was to communicate the benefits of this technology, as well as the capacities of the technology centre in this field, and the latest advances in this area.

The centre's experts presented the benefits of this type of joint and its uses in different sectors, such as wind energy, aeronautics, automotive, and construction.

Different simulators were also displayed that invigorated the seminar with practical and dynamic learning. In addition, there was a round table discussion in which the participants interacted with each other and with IKERLAN experts, presenting and developing their opinions and points of view on the subject.

The seminar concluded with a visit to the different facilities and laboratories of the centre, where participants were able to see the three technological specialities of IKERLAN up close.

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