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IKERLAN reaffirms its commitment towards industry-based research by taking on three Bikaintek research doctoral candidates.


In collaboration with Basque companies, the technology centre based in Arrasate has approved the addition of three new doctoral theses in the fields of the greatest current interest under the Basque Government’s Bikaintek Programme


Artificial intelligence, machine learning applied to the transport industry and capital goods and energy storage and management are the areas in which these three dissertations spurred by IKERLAN are to be developed within the scope of Basque Governemnt’s Bikaintek Programme.

These three industry theses have been designed in close coordination among IKERLAN, universities (MU and UPV-EHU) and companies, so as to focus the research on the real needs of companies.

“The three pillar University - Technology Centre - Company collaboration developed under the Basque Government’s Bikaintek Programme, where the three doctoral dissertations are being pursued and promoted from within IKERLAN, allows us to continuously broaden our lines of specialisation while, at the same time, we can consolidate our position as a reference centre for Basque industry regarding the transfer of knowledge,” announced Ana Martínez Esnaola, Research Director and International Director of the centre.

Specialisation to solve real challenges

The new doctoral theses reinforce IKERLAN’s commitment to create new knowledge that is applicable to the industry within its environment and in line with the centre’s specialisation in the three major areas it is involved in: EICT (Electronics, Information & Communication Technology), Energy and Power Electronics and Advanced Manufacturing.

These three new initiatives are in addition to the already 36 doctoral candidates who are currently conducting their own research at IKERLAN and, together with the work of the centre’s researchers, allow for the creation of new knowledge associated with the specialisation plan of the organisation.

For this reason, IKERLAN has the expertise and know-how to ensure the proper focus of their doctoral theses, achieve the acquisition of leading-edge knowledge and improve the skills and competencies of the researchers recognised within the industrial community.

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