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IKERLAN joins Euskaraldia and reaffirms its commitment to the Basque language


IKERLAN not only joins the initiative for spreading the use of the Basque language promoted by the Basque Government and the Government of Navarra, among other entities, but also doubles the expected duration of the campaign, involving 22 days of speaking or listening to the Basque language


The IKERLAN Technology Centre confirms its commitment to the standardisation of the Basque language in its working environment by joining the Euskaraldia initiative, which will take place from November 23rd to December 3rd. IKERLAN not only joins the campaign, but also intensifies the proposal by implementing it in its internal cohabitation in the days prior to the official campaign. As a result, IKERLAN will join the initiative for 22 days instead of the expected 11 days of the campaign.

The IKERLAN Technology Centre personnel will choose between the two roles defined by the initiative, Ahobizi or Belarriprest. The group’s roles will be identified by a badge and they will commit to comply with their precepts for at least 11 days.

The Ahobizi profiles are the most proactive in communicating in the Basque language, while Belarriprest are those who, despite having difficulties speaking in the Basque language, understand it and want those who know how to speak it to communicate with them in this language.

Their objectives are to promote the use of the Basque language among the Basque-speaking community, to overcome linguistic barriers within the society and to prove that the linguistic knowledge, in a greater or lesser extent, is higher than estimated.

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