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IKERLAN is revamped to take on the challenges of the industry of the future


The technology centre launches the THINK BAI campaign to publicise its new brand image and its internal transformation process with which it seeks to meet the technological challenges of the industry

  • In addition to unveiling its new graphic identity, the Arrasate-Mondragón centre has renovated its premises and applied new tools for the professional development of its workers 

The IKERLAN technology centre is immersed in a process of permanent evolution whereby it aims to anticipate the transformations in order to continue being a leader in the transfer of technologies to companies. This process includes the launch of the THINK BAI campaign, which unveils its new corporate image. In addition to a new logo, which represents its technological identity and its cooperation with the environment, the Arrasate-Mondragón centre is renovating its premises and has begun to apply new tools to strengthen the professional development of its workers.

The new logo is the most visible element at the beginning of this new era, but IKERLAN is not stopping at redesigning its graphic identity, it has also transformed its processes, products and services in order to lead the change from within and move ahead with a firm step in the face of the challenges that lie ahead.

The centre is also renovating its premises with the unveiling of new laboratories designed for the Industrial Cybersecurity and Combustion areas.

Also, in its eagerness to respond with excellence to the needs of companies, IKERLAN takes care of its professionals so that they are highly qualified to offer the best service to its customers. To this end, it has introduced Garatzen, an innovative system to boost the professional development of its workers.

As part of its commitment to establishing alliances and seeking collaborations, IKERLAN has recently joined strategic initiatives such as the Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC), the body that promotes the culture of cybersecurity in the Basque Country, energises economic activity related to this field and strengthens the professional sector.

It has also joined the recently created Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), an institution whose mission is to address the technological and industrial challenges facing the Basque Country and improve its international positioning.

For more information, visit www.ikerlan.es/thinkbai

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