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IKERLAN holds a conference for its PhD students


Useful information about the doctorate was shared and the theses in preparation were displayed


IKERLAN held a conference last Friday 23rd September to share useful information for the PhD students at the centre. The main events in the programme for this conference were the seminars led by external experts and members of the centre, who shared their experiences during the process of obtaining their doctorates. A space was also provided to display the theses currently in preparation.

Research director Ana Isabel Martínez welcomed the participants to the event, after which CEO Marcelino Caballero spoke about IKERLAN’s strategy and the role of doctoral theses at the centre.

Next spoke Marta Torregrosa, who teaches at the School of Communication of the University of Navarre, explaining 10 keys to successfully completing a doctoral thesis. Lastly, IKERLAN members Mario Cabello and Gustavo Pérez reviewed their personal experiences in a seminar titled My doctoral thesis and why it was worth doing.

After the seminars, there was a session around the displays, in which the PhD students presented the most relevant aspects of their theses, framed around the three research areas of IKERLAN: Electronics, information and communications technology; Energy and power electronics; and Advanced manufacturing.

Currently there are 41 PhD students at the centre, which expects to add another 15 in the course of 2016. Furthermore, 10 theses have been completed so far this year at IKERLAN.

Here there are the current IKERLAN's doctoral offers. 


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